Graphics for Corporate Branding

Impressive Corporate Branding Graphics at Design Ready Controls

We partnered with Design Ready Controls to create graphics for a corporate branding project, that featured a dynamic communications wall for their Brooklyn Park MN location. The final product really impressed us! To find out some background about the project, we sat down with Amanda, their Marketing Brand Manager and asked her some questions. We thank her for her time talking with us.

Q: What was the goal of the project?
A: We had the goal of creating a centralized location for departmental and all-company communication because some employees don’t have email. We had a 117-foot blank, white wall located in an area with heavy employee traffic.  We utilized this space and worked with BIG INK to create an eye catching, dynamic, branded communications hub. Each departmental section was designed with distinct aspects to the layout, to help employees quickly find their department’s section. The design layout also incorporated the ability to be easily updated with new information.

Q: Was there existing branding in the space, or was this all new?

A:It was a blank slate! Just a clean, white wall ready to be designed and branded.

Q: Who did the concepting for the project? Who did the design?  

It was a collaboration between our internal team and BIG INK. We had the idea and concept for what we wanted sketched out onto paper but BIG INK helped bring the product and design to life. The BIG INK team helped ensure material choices were eye catching but within our project budget.

Q: Did you encounter challenges during design, production or installation?

A: We did not have any challenges.

Q: What was the reaction from employees or visitors to the Communications Wall?

A: The communication wall has helped us develop consistency in both where communication is located and getting needed information to all employees.  Guests that have toured our facility and manufacturing floor have seen the communication wall and are impressed with the branding and its efficiency!

Q: What do you think is the best thing/result from the branding?

What was most interesting was that aside from helping to enhance our overall communication with employees, it also created a centralized space where employees can come together to engage.

Q: Would you do anything differently if you could do it over?

A: I would not do anything differently.

Q: Is there more to do? What is the scope of this branding and communications project?

A: We started this project at our Brooklyn Park, MN headquarters and have further expanded it to our other facilities – in the next month both our Richmond, VA and Oklahoma City, OK facilities will be receiving their communication walls!