SEG Graphics of Any Size

BIG INK prints and assembles fabric graphics of any size for promotional events and retail placements. Our dye sublimation printing ensures that large scale prints are detailed and durable for long term use. In this project we created a large curved SEG with custom stands to support it for a promotional placement.

Sustainable Materials

Our team utilizes sustainable materials wherever possible and creates unique solutions to recycle used or discarded graphics. In this project, our sewing team utilized left over trade show graphics to create custom bags for the client to distribute. Our skilled sewing team designed and assembled the bags from scratch to act as a promotional item with a great environmental impact.


From Imagination to Reality

We push the boundaries on creative projects to fabricate unique and engaging results for our clients. This project was for a trade show demonstration to represent a cow lung. We utilized a reversible sequin fabric to showcase “good and bad” parts of the lung, an attached trachea, and representative shape to grab attention and spark conversation. Our sewing team can tackle one-off projects of any variety and material.

Pillows that look like fish

Fabric Printing and Sewing

BIG INK is capable of printing on a variety of materials- even fabric for custom pillows! Printing, cutting, and sewing in any size and shape is no challenge for us. This project entailed creating realistic pillows of anything from fish to snakes, printed and sewn to represent the correct shape and size. Creativity is our specialty and we love making projects come to life.