Big Ink’s Nancy Whipple Receives 2019 Friends of Education Award

Our employee, Nancy Whipple, recently received a 2019 Friends of Education award from Lakeville MN Area Schools. Each year, the district bestows the awards to honor outstanding individual contributions to the district. The awards recognize people whose service has been ongoing in one of four categories: distinguished service, education, business/community partnership, and volunteer service. Nancy, who has worked in our accounting department for six years, was honored for her volunteer service. An article in The Sun noted:

“For four years, Whipple has volunteered in starting the Lakeville South Band Booster organization. She’s helped keep track of finances for things like band trips, secured donations from area businesses to improve the band program, and has set up the booster program in a way that it can easily be handed off to the next group of parent leaders. She was cited for leaving the band program better than she found it.”

In Her Own Words

We asked Nancy a few questions about her outstanding service to the Lakeville band. Here’s what she had to say.

BIG INK: What got you involved with the Lakeville band? 

NW: I got involved with the Lakeville Band when a new director was hired. I wanted to see the band go in a different direction from where it was going when my son, Andrew, was a freshman.

BIG INK: What were some of the things or events the band got to do/get because of the booster club?

NW: Wow, that’s a great question. The booster club has made it possible for any individual to participate in band, by covering fees and/or instruments. The club also helps provide items that the band might need for summer parades or competitions, such as props or banners, which BIG INK has printed and often donated as well. The booster club has helped the band explore other opportunities such as visiting different states and countries. Since I have been involved, the band has traveled to Colorado and Ireland, where they performed in the St. Patrick’s parade! They’re practicing now for a performance in Hawaii in the Pearl Harbor Day parade.

BIG INK: Were you in band in high school? what did you play?

NW: I was not in band in high school so not sure where my children get their love of music. Both of my children are quite involved in it.

BIG INK: What was the most rewarding part for you?

NW: The most rewarding part is definitely the kids! I just love to see them perform and the passion that some of them have for music is just amazing to me.

BIG INK: What was the most fun part of being involved?NW: The best part about being involved is the terrific friends that I have made. Some of my best friends have been involved in the boosters with me.

BIG INK: Anything else we should know…?

NW: I love to support the fine arts. I think it is a lost talent that only comes to life for our children from the exposure that we are able to provide.One of BIG INK’s Core Values is “to genuinely care about clients, company and community.” We stay true to our core values by hiring people who align with them, as Nancy does. We are proud of her work within her community and offer a BIG congrats for the award.