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We are proud to have our VP of Operations, Monique Berg included as one of the six 2018 Women in Print awarded by Big Picture Magazine. The article notes, “Monique’s passion to develop and mentor the next generation of business professionals shows her commitment to the printing industry. She has played a huge role with all of our interns this summer… Currently she is mentoring a single mother who has a passion for the printing industry and is helping her develop skills to pursue a role in management within the industry.”  Monique also noted, “The most surprising aspect of the printing industry has been the most helpful; it’s the fact that there is collaboration among competitors… A great example of this was during the Super Bowl. We worked with a larger, out-of-state printer, who needed help with printing, sewing, delivery, and installation. The collaboration created a stronger team, provided faster turns, and ultimately met all the needs and deadlines of the clients.” Her work and management ethics align perfectly with our Core 4 Values: Genuinely care, Consistently get great results, Commit to constant improvement and Create delight. A BIG congratulations to Monique!

Monique Headshot