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Meet Bernie, Crew52 Volunteer

Now that all the hoop-la around the Super Bowl has come and gone, we sat down with our own Bernie Zenda to ask her about volunteering with Crew52. Here’s what we learned:

BIG INK: What did you have to do, to become a volunteer?
BZ: I had to go into the Crew 52 Headquarters. There were a lot of people interviewing, but it went fast. It was cool to be there, I was bragging and pointing out that BIG INK had produced all the Headquarters decor. I figured I had a good chance of getting a position as the woman who interviewed me noted, “I haven’t turned down anybody yet!”

BIG INK: What did you end up doing?
BZ: I worked two, four hour shifts in the volunteer center. I steered people as they came in to sign in, grab a snack or eat. I wanted to work more shifts, but they were all taken!

BIG INK: What was your favorite part?
BZ: How nice everyone was. I saw people on the volunteer portal opening their homes to out-of-town volunteers and organizing car pools. I met people from all over the world who came to volunteer. Even face to face everyone was so pleasant, it’d be great if people were like that all the time.

BIG INK: What kind of swag did you get?
BZ: The uniforms were great, although my shirt was so big I had to have the BIG INK sewing department shorten the sleeves! There were snacks and food and at orientation they had high school bands playing to pump you up as you walked in — they took really good care of us!

BIG INK: Would you do it again?
BZ: Yes, for sure. I’m already planning on volunteering next year when the Final Four comes to town.

Big kudos, way to go Bernie!!

Bernie Crew52