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How To Use Cubes for Interesting Stage and Event Graphics

We think that digitally printed cubes are great for any stage, event or trade show display. Their six sides mean you can display six different messages or images on each cube. This allows for multiple use or multiple messaging. Here are a few examples of how clients have used cubes for their event.  First was the Formula for Hope fundraising luncheon for the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. We printed nine cubes (along with the stage graphics) that told different parts of the event story. Initially, the cubes were stacked on the stage with images of kids facing forward. During the entertainment, kids came out on stage and held the side of the cube toward the audience with the Kids Count message. Finally, at the end of the performance, the cubes were turned to convey that the attendees, along with the crisis center, equal hope for the children. The cubes brought the theme front and center throughout the event.

Stage with stacked cubes


Transform an Event Space

Using different cubes in different sizes is a lightweight, easily assembled way to convey your brand and redesign an event space to include your message.  Cubes can come in any size and can be stacked to create towers, pyramids, really any imaginable shape.  They can also be designed to slide onto wires to create a message sculpture or lined up side by side to make a back wall.  Shipped flat, they require minimal, non-complicated assembly, yet create a BIG impression. Stack your message at your next event for a new dimension in branding.

Event Stacked Cubes