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Our Brunch and Learn was a BLAST!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Bigger Thinking¬†Brunch and Learn! If you missed it, here’s what you missed at our Out of This World event. The Tour Countdown included…10 Check In…9¬†Design Trajectory…8 Futuristic Fabric… 7 File Mission Control… 6 Astronomical Substrates… 5 Galactic Digital Cutting… 4 Interplanetary Hardware… 3 Docking Booth… 2 Space Out Lounge… 1 The Blast Off Breakfast

Brunch and Learn Design Room


Brunch and Learn Fabric Room

One of the tour highlights was the Futuristic Fabrics room with custom chair covers, curtains, custom printed lamp shade and pillows. Our Hardware stop showcased the latest banner stands, displays, feather flags and we even had an employee walking around with a backpack lollipop sign.

Bruch and Learn Coloring Board

The Space Out Lounge that featured the BIG INK delivery van, the Dream Cycle, a giant monkey coloring board and Tang mimosas!

We had a blast showing everyone our space full of big ideas and projects. One customer went so far as to say, “This was the most informative, helpful and fun event I’ve been to all year!” Contact your sales person if you missed it and would like to see a virtual tour of our top ideas, we’d love to help fuel your next BIG idea.