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We Brought Home the ILEA Minnesota Star Award in the Best Use of Specialty Decor Category

We were SO looking forward to going to the fabulous ILEA Minnesota Star Award, because, well, because it’s a really fun event. While the event did take place, we unfortunately did not attend due to the wild Minnesota April snow storm. Despite that, we were still thrilled to partner with Gretchen Berry Design Co and bring home the award in the Best Use of Specialty Decor category. Here’s the write up that describes the event and our challenges:

What to do when your client wants to have a vibrant, Hamptons themed party in a staid, traditional country club ballroom? You break out the patterns à la Lilly Pulitzer, pull out your freshest, breeziest ideas and dial in chic, Long Island fun. The Bat Mitzvah in the Hamptons celebration delivered just that to the 150 guests gathered in honor of two sisters’ special ceremony. The high-energy duo picked hot pink and turquoise blue for the party palette and seven different patterns were created and used throughout the event, from stationary to décor. Everything was ready until the client decided (à la last moment) that the six-foot brass chandeliers had to go. Given the club was not about to remove them, Gretchen Berry and BIG INK designed, fabricated and produced huge, custom drum shades that truly transformed the room top to bottom.

ILEA Award Room

The main purpose of the event was to celebrate the bat mitzvah of two sisters, ages 12 and 13. Here’s the list of what needed to get done to achieve that goal:

  • Transform the chosen country club ballroom into a fun, young woman’s celebration.
  • Make guests feel like they’re visiting somewhere else, down to the last detail.
  • Transform the space so it feels like a Hamptons party.
  • Capture the fun, vibrant personalities of the two sisters.
  • Create a casual, yet upscale vibe.
  • Use the two chosen colors and patterns throughout.
  • Space needed to have a bar area, food stations, seating and dance floor area.

ILEA Award Custom Shade

Both the client and ILEA thought we achieved all these goals and provided an amazing space for the celebration. We’d love to help you overcome obstacles and create something fabulous for your next event, trade show, sporting venue, retail space or corporate branding.