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Sustainability in Printing for MN350

BIG INK is often printing graphics for one time events, so we are always working on how we can increase our and our customer’s sustainability. We keep bins by every printer, so all scrap goes into recycling. We offer a take-back program, so after their use, customers can send back graphics and we recycle them. We have a company garden and two apple trees that our employees eat from throughout the summer and early fall. So we were thrilled to take another step in printing sustainability and donate the graphics for MN350‘s first gala entitled, Let’s Be Heard which happened on October 5th at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis. Eureka Recycling was an event partner, making it a zero-waste event, meaning over 94% of all discards needed to be recycled or composted. With this in mind, we created a mix of graphics that were compostable and reusable. We printed three standees and a podium sign on the rigid substrate ShowCore, which is returnable to us for recycling. MN350 did hang on to these items to be reused, however, when they are obsolete, they can be sent back for recycling. The step and repeat sign and custom table clothes were dye sub¬†printed and are reusable. We also made four MN350 Sustainability Stage GraphicsSustainability Thought Bubblesdry erase thought bubbles that allowed attendees to write statements and get a photo in front of the step and repeat. Attendees were given which hash tags to include when posting on social media. The easels for the silent auction will also be reused and are made of chipboard and can be added to paper recycling, when they are ready to be discarded. The event raised over $80,000 for the¬†organization to continue its every day work to confront the climate crisis and help create a just and sustainable world.