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SGIA Expo WelcomeLast month BIG INK president, Tom Trutna, conducted a breakout session at the  SGIA Expo  (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association). The break-out session, entitled “Getting Traction in your Graphics Business”, highlighted our process of adopting EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).  Based on the book, Traction, Tom’s real world experience helped other graphic business owners plan in the following business areas: Vision, Data, Process, Traction, Issues and People.

One quote from Tom’s breakout that showed up on Twitter:

“You should consider setting prices based on this question: Are they paying you to manufacture or are they paying you to think?”

Tom also participated in a panel discussion entitled, “Your Business: Prepare for Success”. The panel focused on new businesses and also for established businesses that were looking to avoid growing pains. Tom was part of a four person panel, with each person presenting in their area of expertise. Ryan Sauers of Sauers Consulting covered time management; business trainer Vince DiCecco covered marketing; David Fellman of Dave Fellman & Associates talked about sales and Tom covered operations. BigPicture.net reported on one of Tom’s responses, noting:

Nearly everyone spoke about data. Tom Trutna, owner of Big Ink, stressed its importance in the pre-show session “Your Business: Prepare for Success,” saying, “Nothing changes unless it is watched.” The phrase “adapt or die” has never felt truer, and you can’t adapt without knowledge.

We are always willing to talk about EOS and how it drives us forward. It helps us make creative ideas into stunning visuals, while creating delight for our customers. We strongly believe in participating and contributing to the specialty graphics community.  Caring is one of our EOS core values: We care about our customers, co-workers, company and community.